ZiGi & MARAiS Now Made with Recycled Plastic

From Spring 2020, all of our new frames are made from recycled plastic.


We partnered with bow universe to produce a recycled polycarbonate called r32, that takes the scraps from the injection moulding process and turns them back into usable material. It all starts with the raw material - in this case pellets of polycarbonate:


polycarbonate chips



These pellets get melted down and injected into moulds as part of the injection moulding process. Canals of plastic  form when feeding the mould; about 20% of the virgin plastic is lost in this way. That plastic is usually sold on for lower-end, single use plastic products, that too swiftly end up in landfill.

In partnering with bow universe, we've created an industrial process to recycle this plastic into r32 recycled polycarbonate - so it can go straight back into your frames. bow universe is a hallmark of sustainable production; 'when you bow deeply to the universe, it bows back'.


This video gives you an introduction to the good work done at bow universe - our partner in materials innovation.



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